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And He gave you hearing, sight, and hearts that you might give thanks (to Allah)" (al Qur'an ) • It is a favor from Allah swt that He provides us with knowledge.s s s 33 "Has taught man that which he knew not" (al Qur'an 96:5) • Acquiring knowledge is an obligation.

The need for Muslim scholars is more important to people than food or drink.

At the end of this course, ISA you will be able to: • Begin your study of comparative Fiqh with confidence • Appreciate and share with others the blessed lives of the four Imams • Understand the history of Islamic Law, how it started, stages of development, and where we are today • Understand the reasoning behind different opinions • Carry on empowered dialogues with people of opposing views • Discuss issues of Fiqh with proper etiquette TCE Notes Revolution 2 Qabeelat Tayybah Introduction Jinowiedge fa Saaced 1« -?

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