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It is indeed strange that he appears as much taller than you as he does in the picture.

Proportonwise I actually think you look as tall or even maybe a bit taller than him in the picture...

Headlined by Glenn Close, I expected to enjoy this show--but I wasn't prepared for the level of sophistication, complexity, and intelligence it offered up from its first twisty, and twisted, moments.

Made for adults, this drama demands attention and may not be for the casual viewer.

It's evil billionaire (Danson) versus the ultimate ruthless ambulance chaser(Close) as they pile on the dirty tricks behind the scenes of a very public civil action suit.

I thought the first seasons of 'The Wire' and 'The Sopranos' were great entertainment until they both reached for more relevance and meaningfulness as writers quickly ran out of original ideas.

Other television credits include The West Wing (with Devika Parikh), The Edge of Night, From the Earth to the Moon (with Wendy Crewson), The Sun Also Rises (with Julian Sands), The Mentalist (with Tim Guinee and Michael Holden), All My Sons, Heroes (with Zachary Quinto), and The Event (with Sarah Roemer).

On film, Ivanek has had roles in movies such as The Soldier (with Joaquim de Almeida and Alberta Watson), Aftermath: A Test of Love (with Doug Savant), School Ties, Truman (with Colm Feore and Harris Yulin), Courage Under Fire (with Lou Diamond Phillips, Tim Guinee, Sean Astin, and Albert Hall), The Associate (with Vincent Laresca), Donnie Brasco (with Zach Grenier), A Civil Action (with Kevin Fry-Bowers), Black Hawk Down (with Glenn Morshower), Manderlay (with Isaach De Bankole), and Live Free or Die Hard (with Christina Chang, Yorgo Constantine and Clay Cullen).

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Close seems to have a hidden agenda, but Byrne is quickly overcome by the trappings of success and acceptance.

There's no such pretense from the producers of 'Damages.' Great T.

V."One of the biggest treats of the 2007 television season was "Damages," a wicked and wonderful legal thriller from FX.

However, as the season progresses, the pieces start to connect in unexpected ways that can both surprise and frustrate.

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I'd compare the narrative flow of "Damages" to that of a fine novel--telling you just enough so that you are tantalized to stick around for the next chapter.

The plot of "Damages" is a knotty web that is difficult to describe briefly.