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After a year of having no clue whether or not he was alive, the sight of him seemed surreal. “I locked that door,” she mumbled, sitting all the way up, her mind blanking to avoid the rush of emotion pouring through her. As you might know, Twisted Truths is releasing in two weeks on November 14th (which is my actual birthday–LOL! I thought you might like to read the first chapter of it, so here it is: TWISTED TRUTHS Chapter 1 Noni tossed her laptop and stack of maps onto the faded patchwork bedspread. The battered electric heater rattled from the corner of the motel room, providing a surprising amount of heat. Winter blew snow around outside, and ice scattered against the window. Then she crossed out several towns, including Seattle, before pulling her phone from her pocket and hitting speed dial for number one. People back home familiar with the street gang had told her of its affiliations in Greenville. She was a lotion and candle maker, for God’s sakes. “Denver has to be better, and I’ll get our money back from that other detective. Noni would bet her life that Richie had given Sharon the drugs she’d overdosed on. Her hand shook, and her heart felt like somebody had punched her in the chest. The second detective Noni had hired had at least traced Richie and the baby to somewhere in the Pacific Northwest. Night, sweetie,” Franny said before disconnecting the call. Wanted at least a chance to feel that connection again.

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She opened her mouth to scream and had barely sucked in air when his mouth crashed down on hers. Her nipples sharpened and her knees weakened, but alarm bells clanged throughout her head. “Noni.” His voice gentled to the tone she remembered. You’ll be safe.” Her mouth had gone dry, so she just nodded. His body stiffened, and he released her suddenly, moving back toward the window. The urgency in his voice propelled her toward the laptop and bag.

Her abdomen rolled and clenched, need flaring through her quickly.