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and Henry IV., who were almost exactly of his own age ; was made a KG. Britain, the United Kingdom, Fiance, the Holy Roman Empire, and the Papal States. vi preface Battle of Otterburn (Chevy Chase), 10 August 1388 — " the best-fought and severest of all the battles I have related in my history," says Froissart — where, though Douglas, the Scottish commander, was slain, Percy himself was made prisoner; and of Homildon Hill, 14 September 1402, where he defeated the Scots and captured the Earl of Douglas. at the age of 24 in 1388, and won his sobriquet of "Hotspur" owing to the restless ac- tivity he displayed as Warden of the Marches in repressing the inroads of the Scottish Borderers. With regard to foreign titles of nobility, it was the original intention of the author to give these in the language of their nationality, hut it would have appeared absurd to have written Berzoy von Tech, or to have referred to the Freihrrr Heinrieli run Worms, M. He joined his father in supporting Henry of Lancaster's usurpation of the crown, it being the subsequent boast of the Percies that they had placed Henry IV. 3 He was the English commander at the famous 1 The initials E., S., I., G. P.; after much consideration, therefore, he decided to give them in English, adding the foreign equivalent in brackets immediately following, so, "3rd Baron of Huge! on the throne ; but afterwards taking mortal offence at the King's refusal to allow him to ransom his brother-in-law Sir Edmund Mortimer whilst claiming the prisoners whom he (Percy) had taken at Homildon Hill, he rose in rebellion and was defeated and slain at the Battle of Shrewsbury, 23 July 1403, by an unknown hand, either by a spear or by an arrow which had pierced his brain. (Freiherr von Hugel) "— " 7th Count of Salis (Graf von Salis)," after the plan recently adopted in the Almanwh cle Unthu. After that " sory bataill," the fore- runner of the Wars of the Roses, was finished, his body, over which the King is said to have shed tears, was delivered to his kinsman Thomas (Nevill), Lord Furnival, who buried it in his family chapel at Whitchurch, sixteen miles from the battlefield. Lord Camoys died 28 March 1419, and was buried at Trotton, co. The present part of the Mortimer- Percy Volume deals with those of Henry, 4th Earl of Northumberland, K. The actual number of their living descendants who are traceable, however, amounts to some thirty or forty thousand, and they have between them 135,5 20 descents. Sussex, where there is a beautiful brass, with the effigies of himself and Lady Elizabeth, a photogravure of which, taken from a rubbing by Dr. Owing, how- ever, to the many inter-marriages with descendants of the Earl of March, the great majority of these have already appeared in one or other of the volumes previously published, in right of a senior descent from him ; and owing to the ever-increasing number of descendants and descents which naturally occur as the lines are carried further back, the compiler has in the present index been reluctantly compelled to abandon the plan he had hitherto followed of setting out in the index the name of every descendant whether or not they have already appeared in former volumes, and to con- fine the index to the present part to the names which actually appear in the body of the work. Fairbank, is given as a frontispiece to this volume. It will be easily understood how this course has been forced upon him when it is pointed out that all the Clarence, 1 and that 14,478 Tudor, 2 31,752 Exeter, and 12,176 Essex descents repeat in the present part. She had issue by her first husband a son, Henry, who was restored as 2nd Earl of Northumberland by Henry V., 11 November 1414, and a daughter, Lady Elizabeth, wife first of John, 7th Lord Clifford, K. To prevent any inconvenience, however, a new plan has been adopted of adding an index of the numbers instead of the names which repeat, so that any one can at once see whether he or she is de- scended from Edward III. This plan will be found fully explained on page 607, and is the plan Avhich will be followed with duplicate descents in all future volumes.

At the Ballantyne Press, Edinburgh PREFACE 1158557 The Descendants of King Edward IV. Descendants of Benedicta Maria Theresa Hall, a co-h. L, Gc 929.7201 R94p-tm pt.l 1158557 GENEALOGY COLLECTION I LN i OUNTY PUBLIC Lit II III II I 3 1833 00805 4816 Digitized by the Internet Archive in 2009 with funding from Allen County Public Library Genealogy Center THE PLANTAGENET ROLL 33loo5j ftopal This Edition is limited to Five Hundred and Twenty Copies TABLE SHOWING THE DESCENT OF ARTHUR WILLIAM VAISEY, Esq. 1 The Lady Elizabeth Mortimer, whose descendants are here set out, was the elder daughter 2 of Edmund (Mortimer), 3rd Earl of March, by his wife the Lady Philippa, only child and heir of Lionel (of Antwerp), Duke of Clarence, the eldest of the four sons of King Edward III. Her brother Roger, 4th Earl of March, was declared heir to the crown of England by King Richard II., and was the father of the Lady Anne Mortimer, who by her marriage with Richard (Plantagenet), Earl of Cambridge, transmitted the hereditary right to the throne to the House of York, and was the ancestress of King Edward IV.

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