Who is cate blanchett dating

27-Sep-2019 10:24

She'll also likely be criticized by the LGBT community itself for not being more open about it; not adopting a label or talking about her experiences sooner.Women who have sexual attraction or experience with both genders get this sh*t a lot.

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Bisexual and both-gender-attracted people, aside from the stereotype of "greediness," are often viewed warily as longterm partners because their faithfulness is in doubt.Bisexuality is plagued by many myths, the most potent and harmful of which is that it's a phase for attention or confusion, and is invalidated by any choice you later make in terms of a life partner.I don't expect Blanchett to speak more freely on the topic (she is, after all, a private woman — she didn't even tell the press she'd adopted a baby girl), but the forthright nature of her statement, and her apparent casualness about it, is very important to me.Also, considering that Ellen Degeneres' sitcom was cancelled in 1998 after she came out as gay, it's not as if Blanchett was entering the profession at an LGBT-friendly time.

Her casual reveal shows just how much things have changed since then — and thank heavens for that.Blanchett's long and apparently successful marriage puts paid to that nonsense.