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In the same deleted scene Jade scares Robbie, and Robbie quickly turns away and makes a weird face. Robbie said no, but Rex said his leg was damp, which means Robbie did something else in his pants.

Jade comments that Tori is pretty "from certain angles." In the deleted scene where Cat and Robbie sing to the school bully, Lane mentions that the boy went to prison for spanking a cop and is afraid to tell him he's expelled because he might get spanked.

I hear footsteps coming from some distance behind us and I panic. The two girls fall out and onto the floor, Tori on top of Jade. I raise a brow at Jade, but instead she just shoots me an intimidating glare. I don't really know why they haven't taken it out yet.

They're probably far enough away that they can't see where we're going, but if we stop for even a moment they'd be able to catch up. " Jade shakes her head, her hand reaching up to yank the blonde wig off. I feel a familiar sensation for a quick second, but I push it away. "What the hell—" Jade starts to snap, but she quickly stops herself. Hey.""Hi," Cat replies, helping both girls onto their feet."It's a good thing I found you two," I add."Yeah. Maybe Sikowitz plans on using it on another play, or maybe someone sleeps here during the night, or maybe the school has night classes and—"Hey! I turn around and flash a grateful smile at the two boys."I knew I found the right people! "I pinch his cheek and giggle."You are so weird," I comment positively before skipping out of the Black Box.

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after filling in for her sister's performing act, teenage Tori Vega, gets the chance of a lifetime, to attend Hollywood Arts High School, a performing arts school with a group of eccentric students. (pretends to strum it like a real guitar) DER NAO NAO!