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for your age,” but, I’m pretty sure that that would fly about as well as a lead balloon.So, Instead, I think the best approach is to break the stereotypes that surround it.LET HER SPEAK is set up at Sony with Sandra Bullock attached to star.THE MOTHER by Misha Green When her violent past catches up with her, a woman in hiding from her criminal ex must work with a CIA agent to save the daughter she gave up for adoption years earlier.By the way, I also find it funny when young people apologize when I overhear them swearing… Condescending titles are bad enough, but, even worse are backhanded compliments. ” I’ve been around the women in the Sixty and Me community for long enough to know that we are still living life with passion and verve.Why is it that people say stupid things like “you look good for your age,” or “you don’t look 60.” The next time someone says this to me, I promise I’m going to take a page from Gloria Steinem’s book and reply “this is what 60 looks like.” Do you ever get “compliments” like “you’re a great dancer… The last thing we need is aging stereotypes holding us back.

for your age,” or “wow, you’re a pretty hard worker…

The budget-friendly champagne was ranked alongside prestigious heritage brands including Verve Cliquot, Cristal and Dom Pérignon.

The competition included 16 other champagnes and wines from 29 countries worldwide.

The retailer markets a Les Pionniers NV Brut and the slightly more expensive Les Pionniers 2008 Vintage Brut on its shelves.

They were given Gold awards at the Champagne & Sparkling Wine World Championships 2017 - the only supermarket to have received such an accolade.The 90 specs that make the 2017 Hit List are among the most reflective of our time that we’ve ever read. BIOGRAPHY Matt & Ryans latest spec MIMI FROM RIO just sold to Netflix in a competitive situation with Clubhouse Pictures producing, and RUIN landed on the 2017 Blood List and is set up at Mad River.