Validating cluster resource ip address

25-Sep-2019 23:28

Add-Cluster Virtual Machine Role Create a clustered virtual machine, that is, a virtual machine that can be failed over if necessary to a different server in the failover cluster.

Get-Cluster Group Get information about one or more clustered services or applications (resource groups) in a failover cluster.

Add-Cluster Resource Add a resource to a clustered service or application (resource group) in a failover cluster.

Add-Cluster Resource Dependency Add a resource to the list of resources that a particular resource depends on (using AND as the connector) within a failover cluster. Add-Cluster Resource Type Add a resource type to a failover cluster, and specify information such as the dynamic-link library (DLL) to use with that resource type.

For a list of cmdlets in alphabetical order by task focus, that is, by the noun at the end of the cmdlet, see Failover Cluster Cmdlets in Windows Power Shell Listed by Task Focus ( The Windows Power Shell cmdlets provide an alternative interface for actions that you might otherwise perform with command-line commands or the Failover Cluster Manager snap-in.

We want to have high availability of our server application which increases the scope of having clusters.Clear-Cluster Disk Reservation Clear the persistent reservation on a disk in a failover cluster.

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