Turkish dating ettiquette

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Sop up the remaining sauce—called or "little shoes"—with your bread. The at the start of the meal signals that attention is now to be paid to the food, and little else.Try to eat with your right hand, especially in conservative areas."Too fast in many ways, but they work bloody hard." So show up on time to that business meeting (in fact, confirm it weeks ahead), don't dawdle at the espresso bar, and don't dress like you're in the Bahamas.And whatever you do, don't slow down in the middle of the highway.

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It helps to know a few things when navigating them, either as a driver or as a pedestrian Know this about Greece: Everything there is old and new.

DON' T switch to a first-name basis until prompted, but do repeat your own name.

"It's typical of a dinner party in America," Beppe says.

The salads and mezes tend to stay on the table throughout the meal. "Bread is a utensil in Greece," says chef Diane Kochilas, who owns Pylos restaurant in New York.

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Dipping is expected not just for mezes but for whatever sauce is left on your plate from your entrée.

In some places, it is as brisk and punctual as Bonn; in others, it is less European than Istanbul.