Tila tequila dating courtney

05-Sep-2019 02:51

MTV deserves to be shut down, but not due to this show, because all of the shows that has today.

Everybody’s favorite bisexual (or not) Tila Tequila arrives at NYC’s JFK airport to catch a flight to Los Angeles on Sunday.

I’m a great catch and he can be a bad boy but he loves me.

With our planet strogling with poor economy and war and this is the best some people can come up with???

Also in attendance at the bash was the always delightful Michael Lohan, who told Celebuzz he hadn’t been to the House of Blues since Lindsay Lohan was there for a Mean ol’ boss make you work all week instead of letting you keep tabs on all the latest gossip? Dive into the photo gallery to catch up on all the past week’s happenings in Famous People Land! More » Nothing like a little shopping expedition to help a gal to forget the pain of being descended upon by a pack of Insane Clown Posse fans.