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02-Apr-2019 01:35

We provide evidence that sexually dimorphic Wg regulation acts in concert with increased segment-specific (but monomorphic) programmed cell death to sculpt the posterior abdomen of Adult abdominal segments are derived from imaginal cells (histoblasts) born during embryogenesis (17, 18).

As they proliferate, these cells replace the larval epidermal cells (LECs), which are removed from the epithelium by apoptosis and extrusion (19, 20).

As a result, segment A6 of both sexes is transformed to an A7 identity; adult male A6 is absent and female A6 adopts the morphology of wild-type A7 (10) (Fig. Because pupal Abd-B expression is sexually monomorphic (Fig.

Here we show that sex-specific and segment-specific regulation of the Wingless (Wg) morphogen underlies the development of sexually dimorphic adult segment number in .Furthermore, adult segment A7 develops in both XX and XY intersexes. The target genes regulated by Abd-B and Dsx to generate sexually dimorphic segment number have not been identified previously.

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