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Finally, she reached for the other half of the tranquilizer.

obtained the case number, name, and gender of about 3,100 additional chemical-endangerment arrests in Alabama from 2006 through late July.

Should a mother face charges even when she was using a prescription drug under a doctor’s supervision? Some of the most wrenching effects of the law can be seen in the area of parental rights.

Chemical endangerment is considered a form of child abuse, and a woman accused of exposing her baby to drugs in utero is at risk of losing custody of all her children, not just her newborn.

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Not long after, Shehi and her boyfriend and their kids packed up the camper and drove 325 miles from Gadsden, in northeast Alabama, to the beach in Panama City, Florida, for one last vacation before the baby came.

Shehi said the pediatrician reassured her, “Everything’s cool.” The next day, Shehi and the baby went home, and someone from the Department of Human Resources, the state child welfare agency, paid a visit.