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11-Jul-2019 13:40

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“The interesting thing is the platform that we’ve created in terms of communication aspect is agnostic to those platforms, so you can join in.

obviously with the higher end devices that are running much more powerful chipsets and graphic processors that we can take the same environment that we’ve created, and instead of a skybox on mobile, it’ll be true 3D.

“Parents have been drilling into their kids the concept of stranger danger for generations.

You wouldn’t think of sending your child into the middle of downtown Toronto without at least preparing him or her before doing so.

Clothes, facial hair, sex and skin color are all customizable in adds in mouth, eyes, body, and hand movement based on audio input alone.

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From there, the designers say players are free to roam “a safe, moderated place to meet, play, chat, and collaborate on creative projects.” However, some users are reporting a much different experience.

v Time is essentially organized like a social network, allowing you to search other users by name and subsequently send friend requests.

And like a social(able) network, once a request is mutually accepted, you then have access to that person in your ‘Connections’ submenu, and will receive notifications whenever they pop into From there, you simply send a chat request, wait for it to be accepted, and you’re chatting face-to-face with your buddy in VR in the location of your choosing.

Proprioception, or the body’s innate understanding of it relative position, is an important aspect of feeling immersed in a space, and my hunch is if you can’t do it right, you probably shouldn’t do it at all.

As is now in open alpha, there’s little we can do but applaud their innovation, but at the same time I hope to see character animations fade into the metaphorical background until real hand-tracking or positionally-tracked controllers come to mobile VR.This early in VR’s path to mass adoption, the question remains whether the userbase will be large enough to sustain a program that essentially functions as a social network.

Det giver masser af samtaleemner, og spørgsmål om yndlingsfilm, -musik, -tv-serie eller -bog er oplagte og lette konversationsemner.… continue reading »

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"That's a water slide that comes from the top," he says. One of my goals in life is to have the biggest residential pool on the planet."Drake Calls Macklemore's Grammy Apology "Wack as Fuck"Back in his native Toronto, Drake is in the early stages of building a place on the city's outskirts that will include "an Olympic-size pool inside the house," he says.… continue reading »

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