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Perhaps he could then work towards regaining his Xbox for a limited time.

Also try to identify what seems to tip him over the edge, is it competitive games, fast and furious ones, or the loud and more action packed ones?

It's as if the lawyers at Sony haven't noticed how the internet works.

Play as Managers Choose any wrestler to play except The Miz then select The Miz as your opponent but deselect The Miz before you confirm his attire.

I wanted to let you know that I have asked Diane who works for Family Lives to come and post as having her input will be helpful to you and any other members who have this sort of problem.

Take care Linda Hi Lucy, This is a problem we are hearing more and more at Family Lives.

When you now change your wrestler to the Miz your opponent will change to Mr Fuji.

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to control your anger - Stress, anxiety and depression - NHS Choices Good luck, Lucy and let us know if you need any more help. I tried for along time not to have one, and regret ever letting it in the house. So this is the last straw now he refusing to go to school.ask him what triggers his anger in the game so you know which games to avoid x I have a teen son and all of the consoles, never felt the need to play a game by myself but will at sons request give him a game.He always looses (which he can't quite understand) and is a good looser in that there aren't any tantrums.But this time I am removing the xbox for good Fuming iw as actually chatting to ds 15 about this last night as i had noticed he didnt go on it much now was never breaking things but spend alot of spare time on it .

His advice is its the kind of game are very competitive he says and you do get wound up advice is to find ones that you dont go against others like driving etc seems to work for him but you have to go by your child x they really get your adrenaline going, and this has to come out somehow.

Try to get him to explore his anger and how if affects him when he starts to get heated. If he could identify these symptoms he may learn to recognise that this is when he needs to take a step back, count to ten, take some deep breaths etc.

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