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The English "alarm" goes back directly to the Italian alle arme, and ultimately to the Latin ad arma so that "alarm" means "to arms, signifying that something has happened of possible danger.A knock at the Lodge door is so named because it calls for alertness, lest the wrong man be permitted to enter.Acacia The timber of the Shittim tree, widely used in making the sacred furniture of the Temple.In speculative Masonry, the term is used as a symbol of the immortality of the soul.One who fails to do these things may remain a Mason in heart, but deprives himself of the benefits of membership.Adam - earthborn: ruddy This is the name given to the first man in Biblical creation, and the name denotes that he was derived from the ground, are symbolized in the Entered Apprentice degree as the candidate comes into his first perception of Masonic Light.In so doing, he should state his reason for the second spreading. This is the age when a man may apply to join a Masonic Lodge.In many jurisdictions, it is the age of twenty-one (21); in others, such as the Grand Lodge of Missouri, it is eighteen (18). Aid of Deity A fundamental principle of Freemasonry as illustrated in David's intercession for Solomon for the task of building the Temple. Our "art" and "article" came from the same root, art meaning something originally made by the use of the arms, hands and fingers.

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Allegory The Greeks called a place of public assembly agora; from this they built the word agoreuein, meaning speak, in the sense of addressing a public.

Also, a Mason should go to the aid of a Brother Mason in adversity. Affirmation Affirmations instead of oaths are entirely inadmissible in Freemasonry.

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