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We encourage you to contact the Revenue Department prior to submitting for Business Location Approval to get a checklist of other potential requirements, which depend on your type of business.Business Tax Certificate 1) Contact the Business Approval Coordinator in Development Services at (912)644-7709. For a Home Occupation, also submit a Home Occupation Agreement.View the Business Approvals web page at or contact the Business Approval Coordinator at (912)644-7709 for more information. Short-term Vacation Rental (STVR) is a category of use defined in the City of Savannah ordinances.Visit below link, or contact the Tourism Management & Ambassadorship Department at (912)525-1500 for more information.Information is also available on a kiosk located on the porch of the Bonaventure Cemetery Administration Building.Additionally, burial records can be obtained by clicking on the “Burial Records” link on the Department of Cemeteries web page, The cemeteries were designed to inter and memorialize the dead and it is inappropriate to sensationalize these sacred sites.The PIN will be a ten-digit number similar to 2-0127-03-001.View the instructions on “How to Determine the Property Identification Number (PIN) of a Property”. The Business Location Approval process is a review of your location for zoning and life safety code compliance.

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Contact Water & Sewer Planning & Engineering at (912) 651-6573.3) Contact the Revenue Department at (912) 651-6450 to understand the requirements for your type of business, which could include professional licenses, health department approval, background checks, certificate from the agricultural department, etc., depending on the type of business.

Food trucks and push carts must pay an annual fee of 0 and submit an application for Mobile Food Service Unit (MFSU) Location Approval to the zoning office if they are interested in public property sites, private property sites, or both.

After obtaining zoning location approval, they must obtain permits for their Base of Operation and their food truck from the Georgia Department of Public Health prior to operation.

Change of use (such as house to office, office to restaurant, etc.) requires compliance with current building, fire, life safety, and zoning codes, which in turn may require changes to the building and site.

If changes are necessary, these changes will require a building permit and/or a site development permit.Please call the City of Savannah Zoning office at (912) 651-6530 and speak to a zoning inspector to verify the correct information before signing any agreements. Unless operated in conjunction with a school or religious institution, such use shall, within any "R" district, be considered an accessory use.

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