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For now, though, I'm just glad there's a place that preserves what was... (we heard this today at the Museum of Broadcast History). I have also been trying to find out what happened to the old cartoons that were played on the Little Theater Screen, specifically the old Grimms Fairy Tales. Why isn't the Museum putting out any of their clips on video for everyone to buy? Also, we were not able to get in to see the GG puppets close because of a board meeting in the room, and we were surprised to not see the puppets not given a proper setting.No one has been able to come up with anything, even Ron Kurer. This show gave a lot of us irreplaceable memories as children. Thanks Your Comment: I remeber quite vividly running home from school each day with my friends so that we could watch Bozo Circus at noon each weekday.i would love to have a copy of this episode, we lived on clifton ave at the time. I hope, in your retirement, you find joy in thinking about all the children you touched over the years and the friend you were to me. I think it might have been about a brother and sister stowing away on a spaceship bound for the moon.

Something about that place always seemed so ominous! I found that show frightening yet compelling and couldn't take my eyes from it. Too this day I count it as a big influence on my personality and art life!

Thanks, Karen Your Comment: I am trying to create an extension to "The Library of Chicago Radio and Children's TV" including local professional wrestling and roller derby page. Some days if we ran faster than usual or our teachers would let us out a little early, we would always see Orion Samuelson (who I believe is still on WGN TV and Radio), who would have a 1 minute show called "Perspective" (I think).