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Her real career was in singing, she moved to London and her first single Torn was finally released in the mid 1990s.Edit In 1998, she got nominated in MTV Video Music Awards for International Viewer's Choice Award for MTV Australian, Best Female Video and Best New Artist.But having spent weeks in induced comas, having large sections of their bodies cut away, their lives will never be the same again. Guaranteeing no miracle diets, no stories that ‘no parent can afford to miss’, and virtually no dodgy plumbers, The Project is a TV show joining in the conversations going on in living rooms around the country.The name may not be very surprising, but the show always is.She was honored with this award from her later nomination.Edit She has been honored with ARIA Music Awards several times in her life.

Edit One of the talent women of the today's world, Natalie Imbruglia was born as Natalie Jane Imbruglia in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia to Maxene (Anderson) and Elliot Imbruglia.She is British as well as Australian and is of Italian, English, Scottish, Welsh, and Irish descent.