Nadech kugimiya and yaya dating sites

08-Mar-2019 14:43

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They are such good friends right now and are so close, they currently do not have anyone who has come to interfere. Yaya confirms that there is no one else and Chompoo retorts it’s because everyone knows.

It’s also duly noted that in lakorns that they act with other people, there aren’t a lot of love scenes. ) The hosts want to know if they confide in each other when they have upcoming love scenes with other people.

Yaya explains that she loves her scarf, she wears it all the time in colder countries that she visits, but it has nothing to do with the scarf that Nadech knitted. But according to the resident private eye (Chompoo) those two scarves are one and the same. And what is the meaning of wearing it that frequently and sharing the picture on Instagram, as if she wants people to see it? Nadech finally says that the scarf in the photo is a prop for his lakorn, he didn’t knit that particular one, but he does know how to knit.

Which segues the topic to Nadech’s ability to do many things deemed feminine, including being a makeup artist.

Chompoo wonders how Yaya’s life has changed since Nadech entered it?

Na afloop van het event worden de opnames direct geleverd in Full-HD of 4K.

They do confide in each other, but moreso than that, they are confidants.