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I stumbled to my car, my arms shivering, my legs wiggling, cold without the warmth of Milo's love.

I struggled getting my icy key into the lock, a job Milo usually helps me with.

Fizz's POV It was a quiet day on set and me and my boyfriend Milo were making out.

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He told the white couple: , Kate (played by Chrissy Metz) begins her journey to become a professional singer by preparing for her audition for the "17th best-reviewed wedding band in California." Struggling with insecurities about her weight in a room full of size twos, Kate initially took her name out of the hat.

After overhearing Toby (Chris Sullivan) and Kevin (Justin Hartley) argue over who should take care of her, Kate Sterling K. The two-time Emmy winner proved this even further on Monday by not only humoring Ellen De Generes' playful prank about him being cut off during his acceptance speech, but also by riding around on a toy tractor shirtless! Oh, and Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimiglia were there, too! A snapshot of our sweet, gentle, smart and special boy.

Related: actor was seen putting on the PDA with his rumored GF Kelly Egarian, a Stella Mc Cartney marketing coordinator.

I sighed, and angrily rolled onto the ground, away from my taunting fears, and climbed up from my cheap wooden floor, splinters penetrating into my soft, yellow skin.

I spent hours on eating my microwaved dinner, flicking through '50 shades of purple' and browsing through old photographs of milo and I.

My legs were like jelly from the way he made me feel.