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The College of Aviation has three undergraduate aviation majors. Because the demand for training was high, the city of Battle Creek and the Air National Guard, in conjunction with the College of Aviation, constructed a new runway just to the west of the original runway 23 and parallel to it.

The College of Aviation runs a Cirrus SR-20 fleet and turbine engine testing sites. This caused Battle Creek's main runway to be renamed runway 23R and the new runway 23L.

Both buildings house the Gwen Frostic School of Art.

East Campus is the original development dating from the university's founding in 1903.

Located within the Bernhard Center is the Bronco Mall, a one-stop-shop for students which includes a large 24-hour computer lab, a food court and dining area, a full service bank, and one of two school bookstores.

Waldo Library and the attached University Computing Center are on West Campus, as is the Dalton Musical Center.

Miller Auditorium hosts events ranging from popular musicals and concerts to graduation commencements and film screenings.It contains many of the university's historical buildings including, East Hall, West Hall, North Hall, Walwood Hall, Spindler Hall, Vandercook Hall, and The Little Theater.Many of these buildings are on a hill overlooking the city of Kalamazoo.The Oakland Drive Campus is the university's newest land acquisition.

It is home to the university's College of Health and Human Services and the WMU Army ROTC program. The Parkview Campus is home to the University's College of Engineering and Applied Sciences and is within the Business Technology and Research Park.Waldo, and as of the Fall 2014 semester, its enrollment was 23,914.