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Sort of think where eventually, each store could offer an Inter Continental Menu with 6-12 items available in foreign lands, modified by local feedback, made possible with current cyber-tech. All we see is bratwurst -- three of them on a large, soft roll with mustard, of course.

It is the creation of reknown German soccer manager Uli Hoeness. Image 12 of 39 Ebi Filet-o -- Japan ( November 18, 2013 ) Or simply a shrimp burger in Hong Kong.

HINT to 'Ronald Mc Donald', maybe your next contest/promo event should feature an International Cuisine Theme offering various 'specials' you provide in other lands, but not here in USA ??? QUOTE: It's been 59 years since Mc Donald's became synonymous with burgers and fries in the U. But since 1967, when it opened an outlet in Vancouver, B. Now it has more than 34,000 stores in 118 countries, some of which don't eat burgers but all of which, it turns out, eat fries. Here's what else you can find at Mickey D's around the world: Image 4 of 39 Tza Tziki Mc Wraps -- Hungary ( April 12, 2013 ) Mc Donald's great wrap push got under way in Hungary well before hitting the States.

Here's what else you can find at Mickey D's around the world: The more I think about it, the more a rotating 'Inter National Cuisine Offerings' marketing promo looks to have legs. The Tzatziki versions combine beef, chicken or pork with veggies and that cucumber ambrosia known as tzataki sauce. Image 10 of 39 Nurnburger -- Germany ( November 18, 2013 ) Burger?

She informed me that she had been trying to convince her mom to join her for the special tasting menu at a local high-end Mexican restaurant. Speaking of Natalie, I’ve fallen behind in this blog’s semi-regular Sock of the Day feature. As someone who hasn’t taken a math class since grade 10, I really appreciate this one. The other day, somebody asked me why I didn’t respond to comments on twitter.

We went to different schools and only […] We live in a culture obsessed with physical appearance.

– Matt and Kristen When I was dating my now-husband, Joseph, we spent a majority of our relationship long distance.

We met in a tiny town in western Kansas doing mission work over the summer, hours away from home.

When you're north of the border, go straight for the Mc Homard, or simply lobster roll outside of Quebec. Most looked great and made with care, except one with ketchup just smeared on.

How can you make, what sounds like a good tate treat into something that looks less than enjoyable?Tweak the sauce with a bit of cumin and other spices for a hit in Morocco. Image 34 of 39 Mc Homard -- Canada ( November 18, 2013 ) Forget the pizza with four available toppings.

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The errata list for this fifth edition is available at A Test Suite is maintained to help assessing conformance to this specification.… continue reading »

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