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It ended its bankruptcy during November 2004, pursuant to a court-approved plan of reorganization.A new board of directors changed the name of Enron to Enron Creditors Recovery Corp., and emphasized reorganizing and liquidating certain operations and assets of the pre-bankruptcy Enron.Cooper and Inter North feuded over numerous suits over the course of the takeover that were eventually settled after the transaction was completed.The subsidiary Northern Natural Gas operated the largest natural gas pipeline company in North America.Inter North competed with Cooper Industries over a hostile takeover of Crouse-Hinds Company, who manufactured electrical products.Inter North was ultimately unsuccessful as Cooper bought out Crouse-Hinds.

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Over the next 50 years, Northern expanded even more as it acquired many energy companies and created new divisions within.

Enron has since become a well-known example of willful corporate fraud and corruption.

The scandal also brought into question the accounting practices and activities of many corporations in the United States and was a factor in the enactment of the Sarbanes–Oxley Act of 2002.

He has been recognized three times among the "Leaders in their Field" in the prestigious Chambers , with more than 25 years' experience in bankruptcy litigation, business reorganizations and creditor rights, has been promoted to of counsel.

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A former auditor who is Board Certified in Business Bankruptcy Law by the .He has extensive experience in bankruptcy litigation, as well as general business litigation in federal and state court.