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Iranian art, in particular, exhibits a number of features (certain themes such as the representation of birds or an epic tradition in painting) that owe little to its Islamic character since the 7th century.Ottoman art shares a Mediterranean tradition of architectural conception with Italy rather than with the rest of the Muslim world.The perspective is that of the lands that surround the Muslim world or of the times that preceded its formation.

The unique feature of Islamic techniques is the astounding development taken by the so-called decorative arts—e.g., woodwork, glass, ceramics, metalwork, and textiles.

They were a major status symbol, and their manufacture and distribution were carefully controlled through a complicated institution known as the .

Major events were at times celebrated by being depicted on silks.

Many monuments are unpublished or at least insufficiently known, and only a handful of scientific excavations have investigated the physical setting of the culture and of its art.

Much, therefore, remains tentative in the knowledge and appreciation of works of Islamic art, and what follows is primarily an outline of what is known, with a number of suggestions for further work into insufficiently investigated areas.

Each artistic tradition has tended to develop its own favourite mediums and techniques.