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22-Sep-2019 17:54

All these have their own market and the best of them reports a turnover of Rs.200 crores per year.

Gourav Rakshit of is an example of the kind of qualifications which are brought to this new multi-crore business.

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In such conditions, finding the right partner is a time consuming act. Match making was always the favourite ‘hobby’ of Indians.If this was so in the long-gone past with relatives and pundits or even midwives and go-betweens suggesting marriage partners, over the decades, the search has become a thousand times more organized and fine-tuned in today’s Internet-ruled or service-provider-infested world where high-earning professionals are looking to build a lucrative business.

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In 2012 the Ministry of Public Administration and Security released statistics that cited 39.5% of South Korean children having experienced watching online pornography, with 14.2% of those who have viewed online pornography reportedly "wanting to imitate" it.… continue reading »

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This amazing new show, created by Pasha and his long time dance partner Anya Garnis, will be jam packed with sequins, glitz and glamour as Pasha takes to the stage with his sensational dancers and they perform 'Oscar worthy performances' all set to a Hollywood theme.... Pasha arrived in the UK in 2011 as one of the professionals on STRICTLY COME DANCING.… continue reading »

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Neurophysiology of Stress Most people have heard stories about superhuman strength in the face of stress — e.g., a mother lifting a car off of her trapped child.… continue reading »

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