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Middleham Castle ┬ęGeoffrey Wheeler The young king Edward IV now assumed responsibility for the upbringing of his younger siblings who had hitherto experienced an unsettled childhood.The elder son, George, was created duke of Clarence and the younger, Richard, was created duke of Gloucester at the age of eight and entered the household of his cousin, Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick, to begin his education as a nobleman.Ludlow Castle At the time of his father's death, the new king was at Ludlow under the tutelage of his maternal uncle, Earl Rivers.The queen sent for them to come to London and for the king to be crowned without delay.On 16 June the young king's brother, Richard, Duke of York left sanctuary in Westminster Abbey and joined his brother in the royal apartments at the Tower.On 22 June Dr Ralph Shaa, brother of the mayor, declared to the citizens of London, that King Edward IV's marriage to Elizabeth Woodville was illegal.This took place primarily at the earl's Yorkshire estates of Middleham and Sheriff Hutton.Meanwhile, King Edward clandestinely married a Lancastrian widow in 1464 and thus began to alienate Warwick, his most powerful ally, who had favoured a political match with a European princess.

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Edward V arrived in London on 4 May, the day for which his coronation had been planned, and the event was rescheduled for 22 June.He had been admiral of England since 1461 and he was now appointed constable.