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At various times in history, residents of the Delmarva Peninsula have proposed that its Maryland and Virginia portions secede from their respective states, merging with Kent County and Sussex County, Delaware, to create the state of Delmarva.

Its combined population would be about 750,000, roughly that of Montana, or 977,511 in 2015, or 1,534,290 if New Castle County, Delaware is also included, roughly the population of Idaho, or West Virginia.

Some studies have shown that Native Americans inhabited the peninsula from about 8000–10000 BC - since the last Ice Age.

Recent research indicates that Paleo-Indians inhabited Maryland during the pre-Clovis period (before 13,000 BP).

In the spring they planted crops, which the women and children tended while the men hunted and fished.

In the fall they harvested crops, storing food in baskets or underground pits.

The toponym Delmarva is a clipped compound of Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia (abbreviated VA), which in turn was modelled after Delmar, a border town named after two of those states.

While Delmar was founded and named in 1859, the earliest uses of the name Delmarva occurred several decades later and appear to have been commercial; for example, the Delmarva Heat, Light, and Refrigerating Corp.

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Most of the land is rural, and there are only a few large population centers.

The bridge tunnel is owned and administered by the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and Tunnel District.

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