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It isn’t any of my business if she wants to share this with the entire internet.

However, these pictures are right next to other pictures of her in her work uniform and some of these photos clearly have the company name on them.

Beyond that, though, if you’re concerned that people won’t see your value, you could look for ways to give your work higher visibility if that’s appropriate — but in general, assuming that you’re producing at a high level yourself, people aren’t going to wonder what your worth is just because they interact more frequently with one of your staff members.

I recently stumbled arose one of my coworker’s public blogs and decided to scroll through it since she is always going on about it at work. While scrolling, I saw that she had multiple nude pictures of her (not full nude, like partial nudes) on this site, including a full view of her lady parts.

to have competent and helpful employees, and you want them to field as much as they can so that you’re freed up for higher level work.

I’d usually do that later in the process, but it’s definitely possible that the peer is well-equipped to do the early screening stage. I am currently working on salary, and it is my first job paying me like this so am new to it. I have a company credit card that I use to tank up rental cars, but the company does not want me using it on my car; their explanation is that they pay me the mileage rate for the usage of my car.

The hiring manager should get involved at some point, of course, but I wouldn’t take this as a red flag. I do a lot of traveling, and although for big trips I usually rent a car, I still do a lot of local meetings where I take my own car. I was just reading another post of yours where you stated that the mileage reimbursement is 56 cents.

That actually makes you look good; after all, it reflects poorly on managers when they have people on their team who don’t excel.

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If your concern is that you’ll get out of the loop, that’s legitimate, but you could address that by asking her to keep you informed about certain types of queries or information and/or looping you in on particularly challenging or sensitive situations.

I’ve thought about going to her personally and saying that maybe it wasn’t such a great idea to have those photos right next to the company’s name, but given the fact that she is extremely hostile towards me at work, I have decided this is not the best course of action.