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[ Also "probably" the COLDEST winter across Europe (as a whole) in a series starting 1500; combining proxy & instrumental data.

(University of Berne / RMet S / 'Weather' 2004) ] "Lightning strike on 20th May, 1711(OSP) blew a stable block and coach-house apart, killing two men.

The 'Great Storm' of 1703 which commenced on Friday 26th November (old-style, 7th December new-style) was probably the worst ever experienced in England; it is described by Defoe in his work: "The Storm 1703".

This storm was associated with a deep secondary depression which swept across Ireland, Wales & central England; it is possible that this secondary developed from a West Indian hurricane which had been off the coast of Florida a few days previously.

Great damage was done to shipping, with many deaths.

Onshore, there was considerable loss of / damage to property in the Brighton (Sussex) area. This was a severe winter: the frost lasted for over three months (December - March) and the temperature fell (location unspecified) to 0deg F (or -18deg C).

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The damage due to the storm and flood in London alone was estimated to be £ 2 000 000. On the south Wales coast, a tidal surge drove up the Bristol Channel, leaving the port of Bristol in ruins, and the hinterland under water. Considerable structural damage occurred across England & Wales, with large loss of standing timber (much as 1987/Oct).Little rain for several months before May; warm summer (London/South).