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Centralized storage replaced both the mainframe and the stand-alone server with sharable, larger pools of storage that also provided data protection.

Key characteristics of centralized storage included: At this point in time, compute utilization was low and resource efficiency was impacting the bottom line.

Steve epitomizes culture in this company -- by helping everyone else out with his authority on the subject, by helping them automate their chores in Power Shell or Python, by building insightful reference architectures (that are beautifully balanced in both content and form), by being a real-time buddy to anyone needing help on Yammer or Twitter, by being transparent with engineers on the need to self-reflect and self-improve, and by being ambitious.

When he came forward to write a blog, his big dream was to lead with transparency, and to build advocates in the field who would be empowered to make design trade-offs based on this transparency.

Virtualization was then introduced and enabled multiple workloads and operating systems (OSs) to run as virtual machines (VMs) on a single piece of hardware.

Virtualization enabled businesses to increase utilization of their pizza boxes, but also increased the number of silos and the impacts of an outage.

The concepts of distributed systems and software-led infrastructure are critical for IT practitioners to understand.

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There is no limit of new opportunities for IT to change to a "new and better way", but the adoption of new technology and more importantly, the change of operations and processes is difficult.

Key characteristics of virtualization included: The hypervisor became a very efficient and feature-filled solution.

With the advent of tools, including VMware v Motion, HA, and DRS, users obtained the ability to provide VM high availability and migrate compute workloads dynamically.

With this first edition, we are converting Steve's blog into a book.

The day we stop adding to this book is the beginning of the end of this company.

This ever-improving artifact, beyond being authoritative, is also enjoying wide readership across the world.

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