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, as well as any supporting characters important to them.For other incarnations, such as Spider-Man: Noir, Spider-Man 2099, or MC2 Spider-Girl, please add to their respective character pages.An astronaut sent on the first manned mission to Jupiter, Commander Rick Landress was the sole surviving member of his crew, presumed dead after his escape pod was exposed to cosmic radiation and fell into Jupiter.He returned to Earth with the power to generate powerful gusts of wind and storms, and was the first villain Aaron Aikman faced.Though she's continued to live on in the Marvel Universe since dying—usually in different forms and alternate universes—she's almost always been defined by her death being used as a means for Peter's character development.But what happens when the script is flipped and their places are reversed?The accusing aliens may have long ago overcome such behaviors (though one sympathetic advocate might ask, “Were we so different, at their age?

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