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Izidor is happy to have him as a guest, calling him "his Frenchman" and fixing the young wanderer's worn-out shoes.

The other Roma dislike Stéphane at first, insulting him in their language and believing him to be a lunatic, tricking him into saying rude words and even into entering a tent where women are bathing.

Stéphane gradually wins them over by showing his respect for their music and culture and is rewarded with an intimate look into every aspect of Roma life, from a raucous wedding to a bittersweet funeral.

The only person in the village who speaks any French is the young Sabina, a divorced Romani dancer who is blatantly hostile towards him at first, but the pair eventually bond through a series of trips across the countryside to record traditional Romani music.

But to European auteurs, the key words would be pride, prejudice, poverty and exploitation.

Born in Algeria of gypsy descent, director Tony Gatlif has, to some extent, managed to combine both of these viewpoints in Gadjo Dilo, a striking, if occasionally sentimentalised, drama that completes the gypsy triptych he began with The Princess (1982) and Lachto Drum (1993).

Which makes the ending, for all its inevitability, so disappointingly deflating.

Wandering along a frozen road, he meets old Izidor, a Rom and tries tell him of Nora Luca.

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Wandering along a frozen road, he meets old Izidor, a member of the Roma (Gypsy) and tells him of Nora Luca.This platform does NOT host any content itself, we are a GATE between the censored users and the original websites we proxy.Caco is a proud, handsome man, head of a family, and very powerful in the local community.Yet he has been torn to pieces by the death of his beloved daughter. See full summary » Zingarina, who is two-month pregnant, travels from France to Transylvania with her friend Marie to seek out her lover Milan Agustin that was deported from France. See full summary » A Gypsy family travels the French roads during the Second World War, followed by Little Claude, a young boy seeking a new family after his parents "left and never returned". See full summary » Max is on holiday at his grandmother's place in the Elzas in France.

He's fascinated by the guitar playing of gypsy Miraldo.But Serban is wonderfully mischievous and Hartner plays the enticing firebrand with a fierce sense of self-worth.

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