Dating site scams fake profiles on linkedin

28-Apr-2019 19:57

It is becoming more and more difficult to spot fake profiles as they are becoming more and more carefully crafted to deceive those who are targeted and more and more common.In fact, around 1 in 10 online dating profiles are fake, with “romance scams” garnering nearly 50 million dollars per year in total.They’ll pan for gold among tens of thousands to find a few pieces of gold. If they’re a different person than on their profile photo, bail! If the person has a Facebook profile with 10 friends, well that’s a dead giveaway as well. For example, we know people don’t use the word ‘wire’ in regular dating communications. Report to the local police and ask to be referred to their cyber crimes unit. The problem is, most of these scams are cross-border and it becomes tough to coordinate jurisdiction.

Having only one photo can be a major red flag, especially if the person is extremely attractive in that one photo. This is a common story to get money sent there** Scam Profiles... Well I will like to tell you little about me I live in Tampa but I'm currently here to Lithuania Europe here on a military assignment I hope this does not bother you ? someone who will love and adore me I also want someone who is compatible with me. Someone who would be willing to work together and commit to a life together. Someone who understands sometimes I need time alone Someone who can sacrifice her time, her resources and everything she has for me Someone who will love me forever and ever!!!