Dating pet names

03-Mar-2019 21:58

Chook – Australian for “chicken”; also one who is handsome and loving who has the power of pulling you out of the blues anytime. Diamond – priceless, someone whose worth cannot be measured. Goofball – lovable clumsy, one who messes up all the time, but you cannot help but loving him Goofy – innocent, lovable, huggable, handsome. Huckleberry – cute name to call your boyfriend if he’s precisely the man of your dreams. Jellybean – sensitive and sweet, one who has a hard exterior and soft heart.Chubby bunny – the best, most adorable boyfriend in the world. Dirty Boy – one who thinks sexy all the time, in a sexy, attractive way. Gorgeous – reserved for the hottest and sexiest guy. Honey Bear – cute nickname for an adorably huge guy. Honey Bun – cute nickname for a man with sexy buttocks; irresistibly attractive. Honey Bunny – sassy guy, whom you can laugh with and is sexy. Hot chocolate – Perfect name for a dark and sexy boyfriend. Huggies – An adorable pet name for a boy you just want to hug forever. Jellyboo – cool nickname for a lovable, sensitive and friendly guy.

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Chief – Cute name to call a guy with strong leadership qualities. Chimpy – nickname for President George W Bush; also ugly in a lovable and attractive way. Good looking – handsome, one who makes your heart race. Hubby – husband material, one whom you want to marry. Jellybae – a great guy who has a heart as soft as jelly.

Sorry I don't know.""Dear is for when you're explaining things.""Dear is a word you might bust out before you tell someone how wrong they are." "Bae is for people too lazy to say babe.""I like bae.""It's big on Tumblr.""That just sounds like you have a speech impediment.""Bae is for the ultra cool couple who you want to be but never really will be.""I like 'love.' It's very British, though.

Or 'my love' I like.""My love is what you say when you're being kind of formal and important.""Very classy.""My love is, like, wedding vows material.""Shakespearian.""It gives me feels.""Cutie is more for kids.""When you are bad at flirting and will never succeed.""If I were a guy and a girl called me 'cutie,' I think my dick would shrivel up.""It is the cold water of pet names.""Cutie is like, what you say to someone on Ok Cupid.""If a girl says 'cutie' with flirty eyes, it's good.

Collywoggles – sarcastic, brilliant, wonderfully attractive. Cuddle buddy – warm, affectionate friend and lover all rolled into one. Kissy Face – best nickname for your adorable good-kisser. Kookie – can’t wait to sink your teeth in; this man is dessert.

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Cuddle Cakes – cool nickname for your sweet snuggle partner. Cuddles – nicknames for boys that are sweet and cuddly. Krabby Patty – a man who is a delicacy by any standard.

Ladies Man – a guy who is chivalrous, gallant and a killer in looks.

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