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If there are sections of the fics that take place during Po A, Go F or Oot P, they are labeled as such. Arabella Down from the Tree: Consequences ** the prank (At Hogwarts flashbacks), Po AWell first off, this is the 2nd part of a 3 part series. "Consequences" is about Sirius after the Shrieking Shack incident in POA, looking back on the prank he pulled on Snape.

)Caught in the Act ** established At Hogwarts I think the title gives away the general plot of "Caught in the Act". (broken links) It can be read as a stand-alone but the other two are at least worth a look. I like how Arabella deals with everyone's reactions: Dumbledore, Peter, Lily.

Surrender ** first time At Hogwarts A lovely bit of writing, on what makes the relationship worth it. Cimorene and Wax Jism ( )Thing *** discovery, first time, established At Hogwarts, Go FI think everyone recs this fic. Boys on a camping trip, sharing a sleeping bag to keep warm. 3 ** discovery, first time At Hogwarts Now, what you have to understand about me is that if it comes down to a choice between angst and fluff, I'm going to choose angst every time. It's unapologetically angsty, with Sirius in love with a girl but seeing Remus on the side. Untitled *** discovery At Hogwarts Sirius is such a boy in this fic. Fleshdress ()Phobophilia *** established At Hogwarts A Lusty Month of May fic. Obviously a dark piece, but still sexy and somehow right. Pygophilia ** established Post Hogwarts This fic is based on the kink of really liking someone's ass.

But that's because it's arguably the best SB/RL fic out there. And it has quite possibly my favorite first kiss of all time, in any fic, in any fandom. The characterizations are light and young, and it's very fitting for this genre of SB/RL. Whenever I read this fic it gets stuck in my head.)Devyn ( )Facts pt. This fic made me cry, that's when I knew I loved it. Feelings Other Than Prefectly 1, Feelings Other Than Prefectly 2 ** discovery At Hogwarts I adore jealousy fic and fic that features all of MWPP at their glory. Sirius being jealous of Remus's boyfriend, making him chose between them; varied boy hijinks. It reminds me of elementary school, where you just torment the person that you have a crush on so that they'll have to pay attention to you. I guess you could argue with me and call this fic 'pre-slash' or even a 'friendship fic'. Waiting for Doirbou *** discovery At Hogwarts Some fic writers have a real problem capturing the humorous side of the Marauders. Eumenides ( )The Collar ** discovery, first time At Hogwarts Let's see. The author manages to find the humor within the kink. Rhabdophilia *** established At Hogwarts This ficlet is laugh out loud funny. Somnophilia ** discovery, first time At Hogwarts Based on the kink of fondling a sleeping partner.

Aria ( )Daylight, and the Cost of Dawn *** discovery, first time At Hogwarts Sirius plays a game. In the Winter of You're Gone *** established Post Hogwarts, 1981 It's the perfect back story of Remus in that period of his life, right after his world falls apart.

Lyrical as always, with just the right amount of melancholy.

Plus I just love the whole symbolic meaning of conjunction. So abstraction ** established At Hogwarts Once again, sometimes no plot is a good thing.

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I also give the fic much applause for dynamic use of a silencing charm and superior UST finally being resolved. Out of the Woods *** discovery At Hogwarts This is just a beautiful fic about the Marauder's being the Marauder's and Sirius really coming to terms with what he feels for Remus. And Canis mixes humor and romance so well in this one. Once again, laughs and sweetness and the hot boy sex. Casira ( )Book Lovers ** first time At Hogwarts Casira writes great PWPs.If that interests you at all, you want to read, "in abstraction".Portrait in Charcoal ** discovery, first time At Hogwarts Sirius is a talented artist, with a gift for portraits. Smoke *** discovery, first time At Hogwarts This fic just hits my bullet-proof kinks right from the opening paragraph.Completion *** first time, established At Hogwarts The fifth installment of the above story arc.

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The same things that I enjoyed about the earlier ones - the language and the characterizations; added to a hot and sweet first time plot. Taking Control ** discovery, first time, established At Hogwarts A very sexy fic about the control issues between SB/RL.

To date or not to date: Sirius Black Houses can be exterminated with a little work, and maybe a secret relationship would invite less meddling from family members, so it seems that a few of the cons can be reversed or removed.