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19-Jul-2019 01:46

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This illustrated reference manual is the singular compilation of the chronological history of Bear Archery traditional bow production.

Each chapter covers a detailed chronology of the factory production specifications for each particular bow model.

One aspect of the book I found interesting and helpful is the table at the end of each chapter that lists the characteristics of the bow by year, listing the AMO length, riser material, medallion, limb glass colors, overlay colors, limb tip colors and often the two-digit serial number prefix.

This information is not only interesting but provides key information to the person rebuilding an old Bear Archery bow.

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And don't lose or forget your release or you are not shooting that day. To those who wish to learn more about the old bow sitting in the corner of the shed, basement, or garage that once was dad's or even grandad's bow, Carroll resident Jorge Coppen has assembled all there is to know about Bear Archery Traditional bows in one singular book.

"Bear Archery Traditional Bows" contains photographs of almost every production model made from 1949 to 2015.

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