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const user Status Firestore Ref = firebase.firestore().doc(`/status/$`); // Firestore uses a different server timestamp value, so we'll // create two more constants for Firestore state.const is Offline For Firestore = ; const is Online For Firestore = ; firebase.database().ref(".info/connected").on("value", function (snapshot) ); Although our application correctly reports online presence to itself, this status will not be accurate in other Cloud Firestore apps yet because our "offline" status write is local only and won't be synced up when a connection is restored.This implementation measures connectivity to Realtime Database, not Cloud Firestore so it is possible that it may not be correct at all times.Firebase gives you complete control over user authentication by allowing you to authenticate users using secure JSON Web Tokens (JWTs).We can override this by changing the Session Length setting on the Login & Auth tab of the Firebase's dashboard, or individually when creating the token by providing a specific expiration date (for details, see the docs for the specific token generator you're using).To handle token expiration gracefully, the authentication function in the client library for each platform (JS, Obj-C, Java) allows us to set a cancel callback that is triggered when a token expires.const is Offline For Database = ; const is Online For Database = ; // Create a reference to the special ".info/connected" path in // Realtime Database.

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Using this, we can tell in advance when the token will expire.To counter this, we'll use a Cloud Function which watches the const functions = require('firebase-functions'); const Firestore = require('@google-cloud/firestore'); // Since this code will be running in the Cloud Functions enviornment // we call initialize Firestore without any arguments because it // detects authentication from the environment.const firestore = new Firestore(); // Create a new function which is triggered on changes to /status/ // Note: This is a Realtime Database trigger, *not* Cloud Firestore.// This is where we will store data about being online/offline.

const user Status Database Ref = firebase.database().ref(`/status/$`); // We'll create two constants which we will write to // the Realtime database when this device is offline // or online.We provide several helper libraries for generating JWTs.