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19-Apr-2019 20:07

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It's important to stay clear on what you can accept, and remain firm on what you can't.

This goes back to saying the words, asking the questions and being transparent in doing so.

It falters, in part, because we tell ourselves stories based on our assumptions, expectations and ideas about the way the world works.

These assumptions, expectations and ideas form our model of the world.

This transforms what is a natural, and somewhat predictable, tendency into something a bit more toxic.

Say the words, ask the question -- One of the keys to developing a cooperative relationship is communication.

For that level of intimacy to be present, the friendship that underlies the partnership needs to be well-founded and well-grounded.

For the first to effectively support the second, a partnership needs to be approached as something organic that grows out of friendship, rather than something apart from it.

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This perspective is selfishness in its purest form; it stifles our ability to see things from another person's point of view, and almost demands the imposition of ego that can become so toxic.

Taking the other person's perspective - Stepping away from our model of the world allows us to take our ego out of play.

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