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The sun was shining and I smoked a couple bowls and got pulled into reddit for a while, and by the time I finished my coffee and went back inside more than twenty minutes had gone by.I walked back into the living room and Ed was laying on the couch looking very happy and relaxed, as he swiped through the pictures. "Alright man," I said, "let me see those pictures so I can make sure you delete any with Lily's face in them." Ed whined "Aww come on man, can't I just keep them all? I sat on the couch with his phone, and the zipper in the cushion poked the back of my calf.She pulled her lips off his dick, still holding it pointed at her face. Ed just wanted to get some pictures for his spank bank so he had something to remember the weekend he lost his virginity.There's coffee in the kitchen if you want some." Then she popped his dick back between her lips and kept sucking and gazing up into Ed's camera.Then in the next the tip of his dick was just touching her pussy, and then pressing into her slightly in the next so it looked like his cock-head was about to pop inside."What the fuck man," I said, "The tip of your bare dick is in her pussy! No big deal." In the last few pictures she had moved her hands, and the head of his bare cock was completely hidden, nestled just inside her tight hole.

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Then there was one with her reaching for it, and a couple where she was stroking him to get it hard.As I listened it was clear trying to convince Lily to let him take some pictures of her sucking on his dick. She seemed to struggle with the idea for a second, but then she nodded and said "Fine, just a bit." They walked back over to the couch and Ed plopped down on it, pointing his camera at Lily."Just for my spank bank," he pleaded, "I want a memento of losing my virginity to you, and besides, no one will ever see them." "I don't know," Lily murmured, "Why don't we wait till Bob is up, I don't want to do anything behind his back." The camera was pointed at the floor, and still shook around as Ed gestured, trying to convince Lily. I just want something to remember last night by, and besides, he won't mind another blowjob, Bob was more than fine with it last night, and he even let me fuck your ass! A thin tank-top barely restrained her braless tits, her nipples were clear through the shirt.She was still spread in the next, but he had moved slightly closer, and then even closer in the next.

Then the bare tip of his hard cock was an inch from her open pussy, pointed straight into her waiting hole.

I woke up the next day a bit hung over, and lay on my side staring at the wall as I relived the night before. Then I stumbled out towards the kitchen rubbing my eyes and my aching forehead.

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