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Acolyte Anglican Communion Archbishop Bishop Canon (person) Cardinal Catechumen Celebrant Celibacy, Celibate Choir Robes Clergy Congregation Crucifer Curate Deacon Dean Diocese Elder Eparchy Father Lay Reader Minister Officiant Parish Pastor Patriarch Pope Presbyter Presbytery Priest Priesthood Rector Reverend See Sexton Thurifer Vestments Verger Vestry Vicar : The early Church was organized the same way as the synagogue, though many Bible translations obscure this fact.Both the Church and the synagogue were led by one or more presbyters, which means elder and became the English word priest.

The only church body in the United States that is in the Anglican Communion is the Episcopal Church.The head of the Episcopal Church of the USA is called a is the English version of the Greek word επισκοπος (episkopos), which means overseer or supervisor.(Note the progression from episkopos to piskop to bishop.) The qualifications for bishops are given in 1 Timothy 3, but there is no scriptural description of their duties.The pope can make any priest or bishop a cardinal; however, when a priest becomes a cardinal, he is consecrated a bishop.

Upon the death of the pope, they administer the affairs of the Roman Catholic Church and elect the new pope.Only bishops can preside at the rite of ordination.