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You use this method if you have not defined the product's component parts or if the product must contain nonstandard items.To create picking requests through manufacturing programs, set the Pick Requests processing option on the Warehouse Tab for Order Processing (R31410) and the Parts List (P3111) processing option on the Versions Tab for the Manufacturing Work Order Processing (P48013) programs.The system creates a pick request if there is not enough quantity of the item in the staging location to complete the work order.The system creates a hard or soft commitment to the default staging location that you specified in the processing options.

You use these pick requests to create suggestions for picking locations.

The items that are ineligible for picking can be backordered.

After you create a pick request using manufacturing systems, you process the pick request normally through the JD Edwards Enterprise One Warehouse Management system.

Use the appropriate exits from the Customer Service Inquiry form to review this information: If you do not create sales order pick requests during interactive sales order processing, you must create the sales order pick requests by batch.

Run the Batch Picking Requests program (R46150) to select orders and create pick requests for them.Warehouse personnel can do one pick for the same items, increasing the efficiency of the warehouse.