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Guys, this is NOT the time to try to bust a move on a woman unless she has been sending you the MOST OBVIOUS signals and flirting with you first.These women are already having a super time and you really have no chance of interrupting that fun.She just happened to be looking at you at the same time you were looking at her, which is not an invitation for a chat – that was just random eye contact! I am not an idiot and I would never try to approach a man who was way out of my league.And be honest now, how often are you successful when you don’t have an obvious invitation from a woman? And everyone, male and female, knows what league they play in. It sounds rough but do yourself a favour and don’t hit on a woman who is in a different league as you.If you want to pay her a compliment don’t go overboard and don’t make it about how hot she is.Compliment her shoes or some accessory instead because that will show her you were paying attention to more than just her boobs! Don’t go where you’re not wanted or pop up out of the blue in her face: Make sure you aren’t going to scare the hell out of her before you start talking.

Well, I have a little secret to share with you: women are equally frustrated by being hit on in the most inappropriate ways!And to be quite honest, so you understand how we think a bit better, it’s frankly just annoying to women to be hit on when they are having fun with friends because then they have to stop to be polite to you, counting the seconds (hopefully not minutes) until you go and they can get back to their fun and GNO.((NOTE: if a woman is sending you very clear signals and batting her eyelashes and smiling at you, then you have the green light so get in there!Don’t touch her right away and keep your distance – try to think of that Dirty Dancing scene with “this is my dance space, that is your dance space” and make sure you aren’t hovering too soon, that’ll just seem pervy and will probably scare her off.

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And above all else, don’t go where you aren’t invited.But amongst my girlfriends there was a unanimous vote that no guy with an arrogant or cocky attitude would have a chance with them. I am also the woman who purposely avoids dating and shoots down every advance from a man at bars, haha.