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She came hard on her vibrator while sexting our 18-year-old neighbor, sending him filthy photos of her naked tits - which are 36DD - and her bald pussy with that big vibrator inside her. I have been in cuckold heaven the past few days as I watched Karen and Alex go at it like animals. Alex: Mmmm hmmmm He then sent a 10-second video of him jacking his still-hard cock. " I asked my naked wife as she sprawled on the bed, texting her teenage lover. I stroked my 7 inch cock one last time, then blasted my thick cum onto my hand and lap. "Karen's husband, Bobby." "Oh shit," Alex stammered. To Alex, it looked like I had just come in from swimming. I pulled the sheet lower, down her stomach, over her hips. My flaccid cock hadn't recovered yet, but I knew my wife - and the circumstances - would take care of that. Read the privacy policy for more information about the information collected and shared." /Parents need to know that Monkey -- have fun chats randomly connects teens with other Snapchat users for a 10-second video chat.Her tits were firm though they sagged a little with age. The sun beating down on their tan bodies as she writhed in orgasm and he sweated while pumping his seed into his married MILF slut. "Karen tells me your cock is bigger than mine," I said. I glanced over and watched as Alex kept pumping his cock, his fist clinching his thick shaft.

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