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Avocado has a knack for making it onto several of our healthy foods lists, like our list of alkaline foods, and even the Healthiest Foods on the Planet list.It can add another feather to its cap by being an anti-inflammatory food as well.Antilog Calculator commonly called as Anti Log or Inverse Log calculator, is an online tool used to calculate Inverse Log values with respect to the base values.No need to carry log tables anymore, user may perform quick calculations by using this calculator.A healthier digestive system also means that you’ll be processing foods better, which can also aid in weight loss, an added bonus.Many fruits made our list of anti-inflammatory foods, and apricots are one that you can add to your shopping cart regularly.When you add spices like basil, parsley, and rosemary to your cooking you’ll be doing a bit more for yourself and helping to keep inflammation at bay.The added bonus is that they taste great, and are already included in many popular recipes, so it’s not something that you have to feel forced into using.


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Maintaining a healthy weight is important as it helps to keep inflammation under control and avocados can be of assistance in this department.

The great thing about most of these nuts is that they’re very versatile, making a great between meals snack or adding flavor to any main dish or side dish.

It’s typically quite easy to start eating more of them by simply being more aware that they can help you with your inflammatory conditions. You can add it to your water to help purify it, and it is often added to smoothies and other detox drinks for its healthy benefits.

You can add it to any of your beverages or cooking for added anti-inflammatory properties.

It’s major contribution is helping the digestive tract, and so you’re going to see the most benefit if you suffer from conditions like spastic colon and gastroenteritis.

Not to mention they taste great and can be added to just about any meal, even as a side garnish.