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Meanwhile, Mi-Do is at a private institute and looks at her report card. When Mi-Do arrives back at the bookstore, she sees her mother and father harassed by a bunch of men.Mi-Do quickly gets into a physical struggle with the men. Tae-Sang then arrives at the bookstore and watches Mi-Do fight with his men.Tae-Sang tells her to payback the principle without the interest.Later, Tae-Sang, the loan shark boss' girlfriend Sung-Joo (Chae Jung-An) and Tae-Sang's men gather for a birthday party for their loan shark boss.I loved it for many reasons: (i,) the female protagonist was different from the usual 'kdrama female protagonists who usually fall in one of three categories: the angel faced beauty who goes through life's hardships with an annoying innocence(arggh!) Or the misconstrued but witty beauty who is just looking for someone who understands her or the traumatised beauty who just needs a prince charming to help her out of her shell With Mi do she was very real, we all have that person who comes close to our dream partner but may not truly love us in a true sense and there is that one person who loves us and sees the beauty in us even when we don't see the beau in them (ii) SSH aced his character!Mi-Do promises to pay back the loan by 3 PM on Saturday. The loan shark then learns of Tae-Sang's actions and thinks he has now become soft. A few hours after the 3 PM deadline, Mi-Do appears at Tae-Sang's office.Mi-Do, trying to stay as calm as possible, offers to sell herself to Tae-Sung to pay off her father's debt.

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Tae-Sang tells her that if someone helped him at her age, his life would be different.

Tae-Sang yells at his men to find the bookstore owner.

Tae-Sang's men eventually finds the man and takes him back to the bookstore. Mi-Do then receives a phone call from her mother and learns that her father has disappeared.

Tae-Sang is able to get away from harm and goes to see his boss. When they try to leave, the boss stabs Tae-Sang in the back.

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When he finds his boss they get into a heated argument. Tae-Sang still manages to let Mi-Do escape before collapsing. I watched it years ago but I still repeat it whenever I can.

When Mi-Do gets back to her father's bookstore, she finds a bunch of men in the store. Mi-Do asks her father about the men, but he doesn't tell her anything.